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Ghost Circuit


To the very few who knew him, and the fewer still who knew what he did, he would not describe himself as a hunter. He would say simply that he was a fisher of men.  To those who contracted his services, Janus was known as the handler - the agent handler.

When a multi-national company retains Janus to investigate an unusual spike in duty free sales in the Middle East, it seems that it will be a straight forward undercover operation.

As the investigation progresses, Janus uncovers a web of dark relationships connecting the company, a Middle East terrorist cell and the British Secret Intelligence Service. At the centre of the web is a secret that threatens the lives of of hundreds British soldiers in Afghanistan.

As Janus approaches the truth each organization unleashes its most ruthless assets to close the investigation down. Janus and his small team of operators must use guile and their own deadly skills to stay ahead of their pursuers in a desperate race to save the lives of British troops.

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